ชุดดิสน้ำมัน SHIMANO DEORE BR-M6100 J-KIT

ชุดดิสน้ำมัน SHIMANO DEORE BR-M6100 J-KIT
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ไล่น้ำมันเสร็จจากโรงงานพร้อมใช้ไม่รวมใบ สายหน้ายาว1000มม.สายหลังยาว 1700 มม.ของใหม่ แบบ J-KIT ใช้สำหรับเฟรมไม่ซ่อนสาย และ เฟรมซ่อนสาย

Shimano Deore BR-M6100 disc brake set

Funnel bleeding and One-Way Bleeding technology, which prevents air bubbles from remaining in the caliper, make maintenance easier.
As a J-Kit this brake is delivered in a way that you can easily mount it, even if internal brake hose routing is possible.


Series: Deore M6100
Application: All Mountain, Cross Country
Type: hydraulic, 2 pistons
Actuation: mineral oil
Hose: SM-BH90-SS
Hose Length (Front/Rear): 1000 mm/1700 mm

Technical Information - Caliper:

Caliper Mount: post mount
Pistons: 2
Pads: G03S resin (J03A resin, G04S metal optional)
Design: 2-piece
Caliper Material: aluminium
Hose Connection: straight

Technical Information - Lever:

Lever Length: 2-finger
Adjustment Options: reach adjust (with tools)
Mount: clamp (split), I-Spec EV
Design: right (side-specific), left (side-specific)
Brake Lever Material: aluminium
Brake Lever Housing Material: aluminium
Hose Connection: straight


Brake Lever:
- intuitive and powerful braking
- with additional support on the handlebars for more stiffness, better controllability
- faster response due to reduced empty travel
- I-Spec-EV-compatible: 10 degree rotation angle for shifter
- funnel bleeding
- anodised lever, painted body, stainless steel clamp bolt

Brake Caliper:
- two pistons made of synthetic resin
- recommended brake rotor: SM-RT54, SM-RT56, SM-RT64, SM-RT66
- IS mounting and PM non direct mounting possible with adapter
- painted
- steel bolt (5 mm)


Servo Wave

I-Spec EV
I-Spec EV describes a variant of the connection between brake lever and shifter in MTB drivetrains. This type of mounting allows the shifter to be adjusted both horizontally and vertically in relation to the brake lever, and ensures a tidy cockpit by reducing the number of clamps required.
Compared to I-Spec and I-Spec II, I-Spec EV offers a much wider adjustment range. 14 mm adjustment range the longitudinal direction and up to 60° rotation allow an optimal ergonomic adjustment to your riding style, your sitting position and your anatomy.

One Way Bleeding is a technique used on the brake calliper that makes it easier to bleed the brake. The hose routing has been optimised so that no air bubbles remain in the brake calliper. In combination with the funnel, the brake can be bled cleanly and easily.

J-Kit is a simple hose connection system for hydraulic brakes on internally routed hoses so that you can install your brake quickly and easily.
The brake hose does not come connected to the brake to facilitate the routing of the hose in the frame. The brake hose is already filled with oil in the J-Kit and sealed with a thin membrane. There is a small pin in the J-Kit brake lever that pierces this diaphragm during assembly to allow oil to flow.
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